I quit my corporate America Job…

Have you ever wanted a change of scenery? Or felt the need to change your surroundings before settling in the real world?

Let your Faith be bigger than your Fears!


I commuted the majority of my four years in college so I missed out on the “college experience.” Not all of us are grateful enough to get a full ride or have parents who can afford to pay for their college tuitions. So I went to a community college and then transferred to a local university.

When I graduated from Central CT State University (Go Blue Devils!) and started working my first full time job at MetLife it didn’t feel right. I just busted my a** for four years commuting and working multiple part time jobs just to be in the place I was all my life. My school didn’t have Division One Sports, or crazy college parties. It was pretty boring. Not to mention those cold Connecticut winters were getting old and annoying.

I was able to afford to move out of state since I saved myself two years of college debt by going to a community college before going to CCSU. (Initially, I hated that my parents made me do this but I saved sooo much money). I researched the top places to move to and choosing Charlotte, NC felt right because I had family and friends here. I wanted to live in a state that was vibrant, growing and still had the four seasons as well.

Research shows that North Carolina is one of the top 5 states for migration, with most of its new residents being from ages 18-34. So it made sense to move to a city where all the young professionals were. Unfortunately, in Connecticut (according to the Hartford Currant) 28,000 people left the state between July 2014 & July 2015. People are leaving because of the high taxes, struggling real estate and challenging winters.

All in all, moving alone was scary but you could be missing out on better opportunities if you limit yourself. The world is big, different states have different laws and lower costs of living. So if you prefer a warmer climate or want everyday to feel like a vacation research your dream destination and go there! Especially if you have no kids, house or husband. I will be adding tips on how to move out of state and deal with the transition in a future post. Stay tuned…

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